Sunday, January 30, 2011

A heart aching with fear

i sit with you, 
and my heart beats at a speed faster than its meant to,
its not a beat of crush,
but a beat of fear, that i am loving you, but some day, you're gonna walk away from me.
i tell you i love you, but u tell me the sound scares you,
i ask why, and you tell me its the fear of commitmetment, 
it hurts me, cus i dont doubt my love for you, 
what would i do to prove how much i love you, 
what do i say to keep you assured, 
who do i call to teach me what to do.
then i realise that in all, 
as long as i am real, and that my love is genuine,
i will stick by you
and hope someday that my love would make a change,
and make you understand that,
people could hurt you,
but my love would always be there to heal you...

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