Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Tears

There is a sacredness in tears.
They are not the mark of weakness,
Tears are words the heart can't express
but an expression with so much to say
a safety tool for the heart when too much pressure is laid on it,
the tears dont come, the heart would endlessly ache, 
the silent word spoken when there is grief
hold me close when i try to hold back the tears from my eyes.
Don't say goodbye.”

Miles away from you.

Can miles truly separate me from the one i love ? 
Can miles make me feel i have been forgotten?
Can miles make me understand the bond between us?
Can miles make me understand how much i wanna be with you?
Can miles make me love sick?
Can miles make me feel i could get ma time off love and think?
Can miles make my heart fonder?
One thing i know is, Miles has made me known the depth of my love.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

our secrets..

this walls hold on what we're hiding
what we do behinde and call them history,
theres so much on line 
we cant deny this
cus they are untold
but we just up hold
theres so much we've done
that shouldnt be heard
cus when they are told
secrets are let loose
all that we ride into behinde closed doors
remember the walls have ears...

heart: You are my prayer

heart: You are my prayer: "i woke up this moring at the sound of the rain on my window, i sat a second on my bed, then down on my knees i knelt to say my prayer, for ..."

You are my prayer

i woke up this moring at the sound of the rain on my window,
i sat a second on my bed,
then down on my knees i knelt to say my prayer,
for every word i try to put together,
i was distracted by the tought of you, 
i kept on  struggling with words
but i never made sense....
short of words to say cus you kept running to and fro my mind,
then i started giving thanks to the lord, for giving me the opportunity of having someone like you to love and run through my mind....
thank God i found you.. 

A heart aching with fear

i sit with you, 
and my heart beats at a speed faster than its meant to,
its not a beat of crush,
but a beat of fear, that i am loving you, but some day, you're gonna walk away from me.
i tell you i love you, but u tell me the sound scares you,
i ask why, and you tell me its the fear of commitmetment, 
it hurts me, cus i dont doubt my love for you, 
what would i do to prove how much i love you, 
what do i say to keep you assured, 
who do i call to teach me what to do.
then i realise that in all, 
as long as i am real, and that my love is genuine,
i will stick by you
and hope someday that my love would make a change,
and make you understand that,
people could hurt you,
but my love would always be there to heal you...